From CEO to ME-EO. 

Hi, my name is Carla Catherwood. I am an accidental entrepreneur and the CEO/Founder of ARMY of SASS  a Heels Dance training program & syllabus that was developed, licensed and functioned within 30+ locations throughout North America, which will come to an end on December 31st 2020.

carla catherwood coaching

The history of my journey with AOS runs deep and long…. All the way back to 2003. But this isn’t the time to get into it… I’ll fill you in on this story another time! And trust me… you’re going to want to get some popcorn out for it, there’s not a dull moment I tell ya! 

Anyhoo, back to the program here! 

2020… we can all pretty much sum it up and throw our middle fingers in the air, have a good cry and maybe even just an EMO knee slide across the room. Or was that just me?…. 

Like many other business’s… mine was completely savaged by the pandemic. I leaned into expanding my offerings while my income got slashed by over 70% to ensure our licensees and valued members were getting what they needed and quickly. I got the government business loan (thank you Canada!), wage subsidy and all… still not enough. Both financially and energetically. 

I looked in every crevice and corner to find something else to bring to the table for the community, for the business, but all I could see was how clear it was that it was time to let go. To close the programming and community as we once knew it to be and pass on the knowledge of the syllabus and much of the intellectual property to the licensees to continue in their own right. 

It has been the hardest process of my life to come to this decision. To make all of the singular and group calls, conversations, and mentorships to assist in the transition. To just leave my history behind.

But the one thing I know for sure right now… it’s that we all need freedom, autonomy and the ability to CHOOSE. 

Including me. 

This is the year of the GREAT RESET. Life is showing us what no longer works, what has had it’s time and in the process, when we acknowledge our pain we are always gifted with a purpose. 

To me that purpose is to find my way out of the rubble of leaving my life’s work behind, mourning the idea of what I thought it could be and accept that I am exactly where I am meant to be… and so are YOU. 

My purpose is to help, guide, and coach others that are looking for inspiration to move to a new place in their lives. 

Join me in 2021… Let’s turn our pain into purpose by letting go of what is blocking us from our fullest potential. Personally and collectively. 

Sign up here on my waitlist (or use the form below)and be the first to know what I’m doing AND get 10% off the offering at launch.

Let’s discover how our breakdowns can become our breakthroughs and most importantly our greatest purpose! 


Carla Catherwood